Microporous Film Folding Filter Cartridge

Microporous Film Folding Filter Cartridge
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Quick Details

Type: RO

Medium Material: PTFE

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Jhen@Tem

Model Number: ZTLX

Specification:PP,PES,PTFE,Nylon,Activated Carbon,Titanium Rod

Certificates: CE,SGS,ISO9001

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Carton

Delivery Detail:10 Days


1.High Flow Rates,Long life 
2.High Dirt Holding Capacity 
3Easy to Operate & low Maintenance 
4.high quality competitiv price 

Microporous Film Folding filter Cartridge 

Materials of Construction
Cartridges membrane is folded with PTFE membrane and diverting layers. Cartridges cover, housing and central pole are all made of PP

All parts are sealed by hot welding technology without any chemical infectant.

Features and Benefits 

•1.Membrane with strong hydrophobicity,being suitable for gas filter
•2.Extensive applicability, extremely good chemical compatibility and good oxidation-resistance
•3.Each filter core has been washed with ultra pure water
•4.Experiencing 100% integrity test before ex-factory 

Technical Parameter 
1.Filter ratings: 0.1μm,0.22μm,0.45μm,0.6μm,0.8μm,1μm
2.Applicable pH value: 1-14
3.Maximum pressure difference against which it can resist (25°C)
Positive direction:0.42Mpa
Reverse direction:0.21 Mpa
4.Working temperature:
a:common type <70°C, (pressure difference : 0.25Mpa )
b:High temperature type <90°C,(pressure difference : 0.25Mpa)
5.Steam sterilizing at 125°C, 0.5h each time.

Applicable fields 
1.Medicine industryfilter of drug liquid, gases etc.
2.Filtration of gas with high and low temperature and steam
3.Chemical industry:filter of organic solvent etc.
4.Petroleum industry:filter for oil-field flooding.



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