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Design features of stainless steel filter

Dec 16, 2016

1, filtration equipment adopts the patent technology of internal mechanical structure, realizes the high pressure washing function, in the true sense can easily remove strainer intercept the material thoroughly, no deed corner in cleaning, no flux decline, guarantee the filtration efficiency and long service life.

2, stainless steel filters with 304, 316 l stainless steel wedge filter, strength, high accuracy, corrosion resistance, high filtration precision can be up to 25 microns.

3, stainless steel filter through own retrieval and strain function, realize the automatic backwash, can deal with unstable water quality fluctuation, without human intervention.

4, stainless steel filter less wearing parts, consumables, operation and low maintenance operation management simple.

5, stainless steel filter precision, operation can be adjusted according to different water sources and filtration precision backwash differential time and time value.

6, stainless steel filter in the process of backwash, each (group) filter backwash operations in turn; To ensure safe and efficient filter cleaning, while other mesh is not affected and continue to filter.

7, stainless steel filter adopts pneumatic drain valve, backwash lasted short, backwash water consumption, less environmental economy.

8, stainless steel filter design compact and reasonable structure, cover an area of an area small, easy installation and flexible mobile.