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Introduction of pharmaceutical machinery

Dec 16, 2016

Up to the end of "five-year", China's machinery and equipment have been active pharmaceutical ingredients (apis) of 8 categories, preparation equipment more than 1100 varieties of specifications of the pharmaceutical equipment, at least in the early 1980 s dominant international standard products, some products with international advanced level, products not only can satisfy the more than 5000 Chinese and western pharmaceutical factory, more than 1000 animal pharmaceutical factory and the demand of the health care products factory, and exports of the United States and Japan and other dozens of countries and regions. At this point, the companies of China pharmaceutical equipment industry, product specifications, production have been among the world's first, become a veritable pharmaceutical equipment power. But on the quality and technical gap compared with international advanced countries and regions.

To at present, our country manufacturing pharmaceutical equipment has grown to more than 800, more than 3000 kinds of products specifications, according to incomplete statistics, the annual output of about 15 billion yuan, the products in addition to fully meet the domestic demand for Chinese and western pharmaceutical factory, animal drug and health care products factory, also exported to more than 60 countries and regions.