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The main classification of pharmaceutical machinery

Dec 16, 2016

(1) API machinery and equipment:

Realization of biological, chemical transformation, the use of animals, plants, mineral production of pharmaceutical raw materials, process equipment and machinery.

(2) preparation machinery:

The drug made into various dosage forms of machinery and equipment.

(3) medical crushing machinery

Used in drug pieces (including grinding) and meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical production machinery.

(4) yinpian machinery

To choose natural medicinal plants, animals, minerals, washing, embellish, cut, bake, fry, forging method of preparing Chinese medicine yinpian machinery.

(5) pharmaceutical equipment with water

Various methods of preparing pharmaceutical water equipment.

(6) drug packaging machinery

Completing the process of drug packaging and packaging process related machinery and equipment.

(7) Once medical testing equipment

The detection of various pharmaceutical products or semi-product quality of instruments and equipment.

(8) Being other pharmaceutical machinery and equipment

Execute the main pharmaceutical process related machinery and equipment.

(9) pharmaceutical packaging equipment

Wrapping machine, bag packing machine, single linkage bottled packaging line, packing machine, unscramble bottle machine, aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine, bottle washer, drug packaging materials, packaging containers molding filling sealing machine, filling machine, bundle packing machine, container cleaning machinery, container sealing machine, labeling machine, packaging machinery, printing machine, box packing machine, folding machine, paper film packaging machinery and other

(10) Medicinal refrigeration equipment 

Refrigeration compressor, the cooling tower, refrigerator, water spray device, cold water machine, the other

(11) Medicinal purification equipment 

Purification equipment, purification instrumentation, air shower, clean bench, clean room, air purification, purification engineering, clean, and other series