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Buy Pressure Vessel Can Not Be Ignored 5 Points

Oct 20, 2017

Buy Pressure Vessel can not be ignored 5 points
The Pressure Vessel is a new type of Pressure Vessel which is widely used in the world. So the manufacturer of Pressure Vessels is also our most concerned about, and choose glass and steel Pressure Vessel manufacturers have become our people most concerned about the problem, and indeed there are many manufacturers to produce Pressure Vessels, but also the production of Pressure Vessels, how can we see which manufacturers Ok, choose a good Pressure Vessel manufacturers should pay attention to what? These are the topics we care about. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, both the family and the construction industry, have used Pressure Vessels instead of the original cement pool. Because the Pressure Vessel has the characteristics of high strength, sealing, easy installation and so on, it is widely used in the fields of roof water storage, high water supply and fire replenishment. So what should we pay attention to when we buy a Pressure Vessel?
The first to pay attention to the Pressure Vessel material, the Pressure Vessel made of stainless steel plate, and stainless steel plate has a lot of types, in accordance with national standards, the production of Pressure Vessels must use SUS304 stainless steel plate, which is commonly known as " Stainless steel plate ", this steel plate with high nickel content, with high corrosion resistance.
The second note the thickness of the steel plate, the thickness of the stainless steel plate is millimeter, the general life of the Pressure Vessel (2 cubic meters) is usually made of 0.4-0.5 mm thick steel plate, rarely used 1.0 mm above the steel plate. Some manufacturers in order to cheat the people to obtain illegal profits, unauthorized boast plate thickness, improve the customer's desire to buy, very immoral. Conditional customers can use the spiral micrometer to measure the thickness of the steel plate, or weigh the method of measurement, heavy plate weight to be heavier, weighing one kilogram will have nearly 50 yuan of material cost difference.
Third, depending on the needs of different customers, the size of the Pressure Vessel is naturally different, do not unnecessary to pick a huge Pressure Vessel, the Pressure Vessel water for a long time with a long time, one is not health, one Is also for the Pressure Vessel also has some damage.
The fourth Pressure Vessel has a certain resistance to the different water quality, but because of the different water quality, may be targeted for some of the more special water quality, the selection of Pressure Vessels should also pay attention to domestic and foreign models for the impact of different water quality.
Fifth is the best choice for big brands, large companies to buy Pressure Vessels, the service is relatively good, once the Pressure Vessel problems, can be resolved in the fastest time.
Sixth to pay attention to after-sales service. A good product must have a standard after-sales service and commitment to guarantee. In short, because customers can not be inside every industry, customers in the purchase and installation of Pressure Vessels, the best choice of regular manufacturers of products, or it seems cheap, and usually buy fake and shoddy three no products.
Now there are many manufacturers on the market that have a lot of Pressure Vessels. We must understand these aspects so that we can not be deceived when we buy Pressure Vessels. Tengjia is committed and does not deceive any consumers.
Pressure Vessel quality, affordable, guaranteed to be a sub-price goods, we will not cut in the quality of the above cut corners. But many customers are after the sense of knowing, only after the loss will be aware of the cheap no good goods truth. Some customers in the purchase of Pressure Vessels to see the Pressure Vessel prices, cheap to buy, the price may not be expensive, so that after buying, there is no problem with a few days, so the last will regret , Will suffer, if the beginning to recognize this, it will not get this now ah. In fact, the price of Pressure Vessels to determine the level of the factors that have a lot of factors, such as Pressure Vessel selection, quality, etc., there are many factors that determine the price of Pressure Vessels.