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Buy Stainless Barrel We Have To Pay Attention To What

Jun 14, 2017

Buy Stainless Barrel we have to pay attention to what

Stainless steel drum is used in the factory to suppress, on-site welding method. As the stainless steel drum is the main use of internal welding type, so the tank can be placed on three sides by the wall, which is limited space for customers is very important. Stainless steel welded water tank, using a fully enclosed way to eliminate the algae reproduction; its ventilation holes with multi-layer dust protection, can prevent dust from falling into the water tank; unique advanced water device not only has the noise reduction function, and can prevent Water disturbance. Stainless steel full water tank can completely prevent the secondary pollution of water. At present, stainless steel drum products are widely used in roof water storage, high water supply, fire water and other fields. Stainless steel drum in the purchase, it should be noted that what matters?

First, the water tank material: stainless steel drum is made of stainless steel plate, and stainless steel plate has a lot of types, in accordance with national standards, the production of stainless steel drums must use SUS304 stainless steel plate, which is commonly known as "edible grade stainless steel Plate ", this steel plate with high nickel content, with a high degree of corrosion resistance, made of this steel tank under normal circumstances in the life of more than 20 years, and can meet the national drinking water health standards.

Second, the thickness of steel: stainless steel plate thickness is millimeter, the general life of the water tank is usually made of 0.4-0.5 mm thick steel plate, rarely used 1.0 mm above the steel plate. Shanghai convergence suggested that qualified customers can use the spiral micrometer to measure the thickness of the steel plate, or weigh the method of measurement, heavy plate weight to be heavier, weighing one kilogram will have nearly 50 yuan of material cost difference.

Third, after-sales service: a good product must have a standard after-sales service and commitment to ensure. As customers can not be inside every industry, customers in the purchase and installation of Stainless Barrel, the best choice of regular manufacturers of products.

How should the stainless steel drum be maintained in the fall? Here and Xiao Bian to understand the next bar!

First, the external attention to the maintenance of stainless steel drums, in the early morning of the fall, often there will be frost or dew, if the surface of the stainless steel barrel has been scratched marks, or dirt directly attached to the surface, then it will Wet and cause the water tank to rust, we are in its maintenance, first of all the surface of the dirt to be completely removed, and then take it to spray or other anti-rust measures.

Second, the internal disinfection of stainless steel barrel is equally important, because the weather will be more hot, and wet and high temperature most likely to breed bacteria, in the fall of the occasion, the water inside the tank will become more turbid, the same stainless steel bucket water quality will become Worse, serious words will directly cause harm to the human body, we are inside the stainless steel barrel disinfection, you can use the water tank self-cleaning device for disinfection, which can be more effective to ensure its health and safety.