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Buy Stainless Steel Bucket To Determine The Volume

May 27, 2017

 Stainless Barrel Buy a stainless steel bucket to determine the volume a. If the user is filled with liquid, according to the proportion of the product, but to stay enough to keep the product due to thermal expansion when the break 10% of the space (but the low boiling point of the product on the other), to prevent the deformation of the stainless steel barrel when the crack.

  B. If the user holds the solid, you need to ask the stainless steel drum manufacturers to provide a certain volume of steel drum test equipment, and then converted into the weight required to install the size of the stainless steel barrel, but also need to stay enough space for lined with plastic bag, to prevent stainless steel Barrel drop deformation when the crack.

  C. If the user dressed in low boiling point products (generally refers to the boiling point below 60 ℃), will have to take full account of such products at a certain temperature, there is steam pressure, liquid vapor pressure increases with increasing temperature. In addition, to consider the product filling temperature and product filling after the stainless steel barrel may encounter the highest storage and transportation temperature, generally take into account the 55 ℃, in some areas to take into account the temperature difference between 60 ℃, causing product volume expansion, and lead to stainless steel Barrel to produce internal pressure. The sum of these two pressures can not be greater than the stainless steel barrel allowed to withstand internal pressure, otherwise the stainless steel barrel will burst. Stainless steel drums are allowed to withstand internal pressure, see inspection certificate, or consult with stainless steel drum manufacturers.

  D. If the user filling the higher temperature (60 ℃ above), will have to take into account the minimum temperature of storage and transportation, the temperature caused by stainless steel barrels have negative pressure, which led to stainless steel bucket sucked, or a touch of stainless steel barrel on the concave. Solution: 1, filling the product cooling to a certain temperature after the screw on the plug; 2, stay enough space.

  Stainless Barrel Stainless steel mixing bucket in the seven different categories ① propeller-type mixing bucket from 2 to 3 propeller propeller blades, working speed is higher, the outer edge of the blade peripheral speed is generally 5 ~ 15m / s. Propeller-type mixing tank mainly caused axial flow, resulting in a large amount of circulation, suitable for mixing low viscosity (<2pa · s) liquid, emulsion and solid particles less than 10% of the suspension. The rotating shaft of the mixing tank can also be inserted horizontally or obliquely into the tank. At this time, the circulating circuit of the liquid flow is asymmetrical, which can increase the turbulence and prevent the liquid level from sagging. Stainless steel mixing bucket

  ② Turbine mixing tank consists of 2 to 4 flat or curved blades on the horizontal disc. The outer diameter of the blade, the ratio of width to height, generally 20: 5: 4, the circumferential speed is generally 3 ~ 8m / s. Turbine in the rotation caused by a high degree of turbulent radial flow, suitable for gas and non-reciprocal liquid dispersion and liquid-liquid reaction process. The viscosity of the agitated liquid is generally not more than 25 Pa · s.

  ③ Stainless Barrel The ribbon diameter of the ribbon is similar to that of the screw, which is specially used to stir the high viscosity liquid (200 ~ 500pa · s) and the quasi-plastic fluid, usually in the laminar flow state.