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Choose Stainless Steel Tank Liner Recommendations

Jun 30, 2017

Choose Stainless Steel Tank liner recommendations
 Liner can be described as the core of the Stainless Steel Tank components, according to the different materials for classification, mainly enamel, stainless steel and crystal three kinds of material liner, because the enamel liner in the cost is relatively high, and the technology is not special Mature, mainly in the production process will often appear perforation phenomenon, so the use is not particularly wide.

    The most used in the industry is the stainless steel and crystal liner, of which the main composition of the crystal liner is two layers, the outer layer is mainly iron material, while the inner layer is completely crystal coating, after high temperature After the combination of fusion, what is the crystal? In fact, it is relatively simple engineering plastics, mainly through the iron liner, after the operation of the machine in the high temperature, the plastic melt and adhesion, but in the actual production process is still more difficult to control.

    Because the expansion coefficient of iron, and plastic expansion coefficient is completely different, if the effect of the process can not be guaranteed, and the fit of the plastic are completed by their own thermal expansion and shrinkage, then the time after After a long time, the plastic will appear off the phenomenon of stainless steel water tank in the domestic development has been a long time, after a lot of twists and turns after the development of the entire manufacturing process is more and more mature, Stainless Steel Tank is Non-toxic and corrosion resistance is relatively strong, in any case can effectively ensure the cleanliness of water quality, because the sealing performance and leakage of the situation is better, so many manufacturers are still prefer the stainless steel liner tank, but because of stainless steel In the type of very much, and different stainless steel, in terms of performance and price is also very different.
 Stainless steel water tank with a light box, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature, clean water, earthquake, easy to install, etc. advantages; beautiful appearance, smooth water tank lines, is leading the trend of the tank industry. Stainless Steel Tank life with the material itself has an essential relationship, and more is its future use, operation; in order to better extend the time of use of Stainless Steel Tanks, Xiaobian here offer you a few suggestions:

    Do not apply the weight of the valve and the large diameter pipe directly to the tank outlet, if necessary, set the pipe support; the expansion of the pipe, shrinkage, shrink the shrinkage of the pipe , Vibration must be fitted with flexible joints.

    2, stainless steel water tank as a storage of domestic water secondary water supply equipment, only suitable for life, fire water, can not be filled with hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid or acidic, alkaline content of large liquid; or the tank placed in a acid, alkali Environment (decoration with cement, lime water, coal power plant near, etc.).

    3, the water tank in the course of the use, do not put other cumbersome equipment placed in the top of the tank, do not use hard objects to tap or picture tank layout and fittings, there are problems in advance to inform the factory technical staff, or to find specialized in the arc welding professional Personnel, maintenance should let the water off.