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Correct Cleaning Of Stainless Barrel

Jun 30, 2017

Correct cleaning of Stainless Barrel
Stainless Barrel is a new generation of water tank after the glass water tank product, its products are SUS304 stainless steel plate Seiko molded, handsome in appearance, economical and practical, the main body is not bad. Stainless Barrel compared with other water tanks, with beautiful appearance, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature, water quality clean, seepage, earthquake, never raw moss, no secondary pollution of water, easy installation, Cleaning and many other advantages. So today Xiaobian give you a simple talk about the correct way to clean the stainless steel barrel.
Close the inlet valve, open the drain hole plug (or valve), so that the remaining water tank drain.
Stainless Barrel with ladder can be climbed into the water tank along the ladder, and the water tank without the ladder can be used in the tank and the outer side, respectively, with the bamboo ladder (height moderate), respectively, in the case of protection, The
Clean the peripheral and bottom of the stainless steel tub with a clean mop or rag. The bottom of the serious dirt, and can be used soft towel plus detergent scrub.
Open the inlet valve, put the right amount of water to wash the barrel wall and the bottom, so that dirt from the sewage outfall, if necessary, can be repeated several times until satisfied.
Tighten the drain plug, open the inlet valve, let the tank re-fill the water, the cleaning work is over.
 Stainless steel barrels for the convenience of installation, high efficiency, by more and more people love, has now become the main use of the site and residential buildings. However, the stainless steel barrel is still relatively "delicate", once in the use of improper operation, maintenance is not timely, it is prone to other failures. Then we usually how to maintain in order to extend the life of stainless steel barrels?

First of all, after the use of stainless steel barrels, the first part of the hose and other parts to be clean, pay special attention to clear the grease on the pump and the bottom of the liquid barrel bottom of the soil. Because most of the pesticides have a certain role in the corrosion of the sprayer, so disabled, it is necessary to wash with alkaline water again, and then rinse with water. Especially sprayed Bordeaux and other highly corrosive pesticides, it is best to use alkaline water immersion 1-2 hours. Pay attention to prevent rust. All parts that can be disassembled must be removed and washed clean. Spray bar, the nozzle of the inner wall of the use of oil to smear, so as not to damp rust.
Second, check whether the connection leak. When used, first install the water pipe trial, and then install other things. When adding water to ensure that the stainless steel barrels of the smooth, liquid level can not exceed the safe water level line. Before use, the tank will be opened in advance, so that the bucket pressure to work pressure to ensure smooth water.

Finally, the core components of the electric sprayer are water pumps and batteries. Although there are several types of pumps on the market, but these pumps are afraid of blocking. So be sure to use clean water dosing, add water must be used to filter a small filter to prevent clogging.

If you do not use the sprayer in the short term, the main parts should be cleaned, wiped dry, placed in a cool dry place. If you do not have long, you will have to fill the metal parts of butter, to prevent rust.