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FRP Fire Water Tank Need To Pay Attention To Matters

Oct 11, 2017

Previously we have updated comprehensive solution of fire protection Water Tank, today we have to say something about glass and steel fire Water Tank needs to pay attention, in addition to talk about fiberglass fire Water Tank needs to pay attention also talked about the construction program fiberglass tank fire, the following went with stainless steel Fire Water Tank manufacturers to take a look at the FRP fire tank need to pay attention to it
Note fiberglass fire Water Tank is to facilitate the installation and maintenance and overhaul, should leave a space around the tank, the top of ≥ 300mm, four weeks ≥700mm; SMC tank arrangement according to the plate thickness is the hydrostatic pressure in the tank does not allow the internal pressure of the other ; Users to store hot water or other liquids (chemicals, oil, etc.) should be made when ordering, and to avoid heating in the tank; in the course of the need to regularly check the Water Tank parts of the Water Tank loose, corrosion and the overall deformation of the tank , The above is the glass fiber reinforced plastic fire tank Note, the following look at its construction program it.
FRP fire Water Tank construction program is what kind of? First of all, the ground on the basis of cement leveling, so that the same plane above the error shall not exceed ± 0.5cm, the tank according to the size of the tank welding, and its size and tank size, , The error is ± 0.5cm, and all the welds to be connected evenly, the same seam, according to the Water Tank board on the printed number and description, arranged to connect the bottom of the tank, while the two boards to add seal between the strips, With φ10 bolts connected; with a fixed angle iron to connect the bottom plate and channel, so that the tank box is more firmly fixed on the basis of the channel; according to the Water Tank board on the print and description, to find the tank state of the state The first installation of the top cover of the tank, the uniform fastening bolts, shall not be too large or too small; the Water Tank (in the case of the tank) After all the installation is completed, a unified inspection, adjustment, test the water does not leak for qualified. The above is the FRP fire Water Tank construction program, and want to know more words can pay attention to our website, we will update the new information from time to time.
Summer is the season of high temperatures, has played an important role in the car's tank is cooling and heat dissipation, tank car is prone to some minor glitches, such as water shortage, Water Tank corrosion, leaks, etc., and therefore the temperature of the tank will reach the boiling point of a "boil "status.
Poor engine heat dissipation, high temperature expansion of parts will reduce the gap with the parts, on the other hand the temperature is too high oil viscosity decreases, in this case, the parts wear and tear intensified. If not properly handled properly, the engine is likely to burn and cause serious damage. When the car is traveling, the engine cover sudden white water vapor, or water table pointer rapid rise to a high temperature "H" mark position, i.e., an engine temperature is too high, this is usually due to insufficient Water Tank, leaking or Water Tank fan does not run and other causes, then how to deal with it?
First of all we should immediately find a safe place to stop, but do not immediately turn off the fire. We need to pay attention not attempt to open the radiator cap in case the water temperature is too high even boil, or is likely to cause burns, scalding liquid discharge water temperature is too high even in the case of boil; not to the engine block, cylinder head cold water , It is likely to cause the cylinder due to sudden burst and burst; do not try to continue driving, so as not to cause a large machine accident.
And then after a period of time, check the car below the water leakage, wait until the water temperature table pointer down to the appropriate temperature position, turn off the engine. Finally, with a wet towel wrapped in Water Tank cover, slowly open the first switch (about 1/4 turn), until the release of water vapor pressure is completed, and then completely open the tank cover, check the Water Tank and water quality, and fan belt abnormal. If the amount of water is insufficient, you should slowly add water to the nearest elevation line.