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Home Pressure Vessel What The Most Important

Aug 18, 2017

Home Pressure Vessel what the most important
   For many friends who are not familiar with household Pressure Vessels, in the purchase of household Pressure Vessels when they do not know in the end should be what kind of household pressure containers to buy, do not know the purchase of household Pressure Vessels when the need to pay attention what is the problem. Resulting in their own ultimately not only can not buy a good home stainless steel water tower, you may also spend money after the purchase of a home is not suitable for their own Pressure Vessel, so before the purchase to properly understand the knowledge of the tank. In fact, to say that the purchase of household Pressure Vessels the most important, what is the most critical, then it is bound to talk about the quality of the.
Quality first look at the material, the general consumer does not know the difference between the material, then choose a reliable Pressure Vessel brand, how to choose it, to see the news on the network and user reputation, it is important to see the Pressure Vessel manufacturers strength and Manufacturing experience, construction history.
A good quality household pressure containers in the use of time to bring us a very good use of feeling, making the original seemingly simple Pressure Vessel can bring us a better use of the effect. However, if you buy a household Pressure Vessel in the use of time can not guarantee its quality, or the quality of household Pressure Vessels is not good, then the use of time when it is difficult to ensure that home pressure containers can bring you a good use of the effect. And even may make your home Pressure Vessel in use when there will be some relatively big trouble.
Good quality household pressure containers in addition to be able to give us a better feeling of use, there is a key point is that in the use of time to make our home pressure containers more convenient and easy to use. A lot of household Pressure Vessels, although the appearance looks like no problem, but when you really use the time will know, in fact, the use of household pressure containers are not the same use of feelings. In the use of time to better ensure that through their simple operation can enjoy the benefits from the home Pressure Vessel.
First, the physical and chemical stability of stainless steel species
High-rise building Pressure Vessels, as a few hundred households a water storage container, water pollution or not directly affect the health of the people, should be in the long run process, no oxidation, no biochemistry, from corrosion and heavy metal chromium, nickel The generation of ions precipitates. To this end, we design the production of stainless steel Japanese brand SUS304 (equivalent to the domestic OCr18Ni9 grades), from the SUS304 data can be seen that the kind of steel is austenitic stainless steel acid, a good corrosion resistance and metal rolling Performance, corrosion resistance to strong oxidizing acids. It can be seen, as a water tank material, can withstand the operation of low concentrations of chloric acid (HCl), hypochlorous acid (HClO), weak oxidizing carbonic acid (H2CO3) and other acids to protect the water container does not pollute Water quality prerequisites.
Second, the strength of the Pressure Vessel quality
Because of our design of the Pressure Vessel group, the choice of plate thickness of 0.8mm ~ 1.0mm, such a thickness, storage of large volumes of liquid after the strength of the requirements, causing some people's suspicion, the technical information and design data show that, Although the material thickness is thin, but the material has high strength, toughness, good extension of the characteristics, as long as a good grasp of the production of the key, the design of large capacity stainless steel storage containers can not be criticized, can be successful.