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How To Maintain To Extend The Life Of Stainless Barrel

Aug 09, 2017

How to maintain to extend the life of Stainless Barrel
   Stainless Barrel for the convenience of installation, high efficiency, by more and more people love, has now become the main site and residential building tools. However, the stainless steel barrel is still relatively "delicate", once in the use of improper operation, maintenance is not timely, it is prone to other failures. Then we usually how to maintain in order to extend the life of Stainless Barrel?
First of all, after the use of Stainless Barrel, the first part of the hose and other parts to be clean, pay special attention to clear the grease on the pump and the bottom of the liquid barrel bottom of the soil. Because most of the pesticides have a certain role in the corrosion of the sprayer, so disabled, it is necessary to wash with alkaline water again, and then rinse with water. Especially sprayed Bordeaux and other highly corrosive pesticides, it is best to use alkaline water immersion 1-2 hours. Pay attention to prevent rust. All parts that can be disassembled must be removed and washed clean. Spray bar, the nozzle of the inner wall of the use of oil to smear, so as not to damp rust.
Second, check whether the connection leak. When used, first install the water pipe trial, and then install other things. When adding water, make sure that the stainless steel barrel is smooth and that the liquid level can not exceed the safe water level. Before use, the tank will be opened in advance, so that the bucket pressure to work pressure to ensure smooth water.
Finally, the core components of the electric sprayer are water pumps and batteries. Although there are several types of pumps on the market, but these pumps are afraid of blocking. So be sure to use clean water dosing, add water must be used to filter a small filter to prevent clogging.
If you do not use the sprayer in the short term, the main parts should be cleaned, dry and dry, placed in a cool dry place. If you do not have long, you have to each metal parts coated with butter to prevent rust.
But also to remind the majority of the use of: Stainless Barrel in the disabled after the water tank so that there is no water, will lead to some water pipes blocked, it may make the next time when the use is not smooth, so every one or two months once.
For the application of stainless steel drum preservative and scale inhibition, in the United States and Europe, complex phosphate scale products in the hot and cold water project water treatment industry and life has been widely used. Similarly, in China's hot water project water treatment, it will also play an indispensable role.
Since the complex phosphoric acid scale products can play such an important role, then let us work together to understand its scale, the principle of corrosion:
The scale effect is because its main components in the water can effectively interfere with and inhibit the normal growth of calcium carbonate crystals, so that the formation of the nucleus formation rate, Stainless Barrel resulting in the formation of dirt can not be deposited. At the same time, magnesium, iron and calcium, which have been attached to the inner wall of the tube, are chelated or complexed, and then, by means of water flow or Brownian motion, the dispersion effect is finally achieved.
As for the anti-corrosion effect is because a small amount of complex phosphate component in the water pipe wall to produce a self-repair of the protective film, isolated metal ions and water dissolved in the chemical reaction, Stainless Barrel and prevent the ferric hydroxide to continue to produce hydrogen peroxide Iron, that is, Stainless Barrel passivation, thus inhibiting the corrosion of stainless steel drums or pipe walls.
Understand its scale and anti-corrosion effect, Stainless Barrel the principle is:
Stainless Barrel Polyphosphates in phosphate-based drinking water treatment agents in water can react with metal ions such as magnesium, iron and calcium contained in water at a concentration of about 3-5 PPM to form soluble complexes and insoluble nanoscale films. In the water supply pipe wall formed by magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate and other insoluble substances generated, dispersed in water and iron ions after the reaction, in the pipeline wall to form a dynamic protective film, to prevent corrosion, anti-scale effect, effectively prevent the Secondary pollution.