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Is The Jacket Kettle Having An Effect On The Body?

Jul 18, 2017

Is the Jacket Kettle having an effect on the body?

Jacket Kettle solved the concrete water tank weight big kettle, easy leakage and long moss and steel water tank is easy to rust, antirust coating fall off problems such as pollution of water quality, is the current international popular new type of water tank, glass fiber reinforced plastic industrial production in one of the biggest products, occupy the market gradually replaced the traditional material tank. The jacket kettle is an indispensable part of public water supply system, such as industrial and mining enterprises. At present our country mainly include the concrete and steel water tank, but concrete water tank leakage, scaling, steel corrosion of water tank, the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank caused great influence, 85% of the water tank water supply system in our country, due to the bacteria and algae, rust pollution of water tank can not meet water quality standards.

The material of the Jacket Kettle relates to the health of the people, so it must meet the relevant hygienic requirements. The general jacket kettle products are high in low molecular content, and their materials have not been approved by the health monitoring department for the storage of drinking water.

Whatever product comes on the market, it's a tough test, so how do you check the shortcomings of SMC jackets? The first instrument inspection method is X ray inspection, which can be used to check the common defects of FRP products such as crack, stratification, resin aggregation, loose, ruffle, metal adulteration etc.

(1) crack or delamination: first is refers to the separation between layers of cloth and cloth tape cracking, negative impression characteristic is: the crack or delamination of the laminate material is more flat and both ends have sharp or "of" glyph black lines; Cloth belt around the products of the crack or delamination is straight or slightly wavy black line, or a wide center, pointed at both ends spindle "impression; moulded product in the shape of crack, because of the product appearance is different, more have sharp twists and turns of the black lines on both ends.

(2) resin agglomeration: product resin is overmuch, part of a negative impression characteristic and the crack or delamination, but more equal, the contrast degree of crack damage impression for small, generalization and impression is not clear.

(3) loose: that is, a certain part of the product of the product is reduced, the small pores are scattered randomly, or there are small cracks, small resin clusters exist. Negative impression features, irregular layer of cloud - like black markings.

(4) wrinkles: can be divided into loops (along the ring of products) and axial wrinkles (along the direction of the product axis). The impression of the film is in waves.

(5) metal adulteration: the impression of the metal doped in glass is the same as the white impression of mixed metal. All inspection items of the cylindrical tank can be used after passing the test.

FRP Jacket Kettle with non-saturated resin for surface food, reinforced materials are made from non-alkali glass fiber felt and short cut felt. The structure layer is made of alkali - free glass fiber without twist roving, universal type 191 unsaturated resin polyester; The outer protective layer chooses 196 unsaturated polyester resin.

FRP Jacket Kettle hand lay-up molding in design is a process is a kind of low pressure molding in, it is suitable for manufacturing shape is complex and atypical products, and easy operation, less specialized equipment, strong applicability, using hand lay-up molding process. After proper installation of the connection and factory inspection and type testing, it can be put into use.

Quality is the development of the enterprise and the essence of the product. There is no market for products without quality. So how to distinguish the quality of the jacket kettle?

First: from the appearance, the appearance should not only be smooth and beautiful, but also can not have the air bubble and the sand eye.

Second: internal performance, Jacket Kettle the choice of high-quality material of the water tank, connect flanges to timely bolt to hit the tight also won't have the big crack.

As an enterprise, profit is the ultimate goal. Some bad manufacturers fish eye mixed bead for a moment profit, cut corners, shoddy, cheat the customer, cause great loss to the customer.