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Jacket Kettle Insulation Principle And Material Standards

Jun 30, 2017

Jacket Kettle insulation principle and material standards
 Jacket Kettle is the insulation material as the core layer, the food-grade jacket for the inner layer of the kettle, stainless steel for the outer, inner and outer stainless steel layer and the core layer to optimize the combination, so that the inner and outer layers to achieve the best insulation effect, thus Forming a jacketed kettle.

    Core layer can be used polyurethane foam, polystyrene, polypropylene, rock wool, PEF; inner layer can be used food grade stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet, aluminum or color plate. The outer layer can use the general material of stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet, aluminum plate or color plate.
Jacket Kettle has an important role is to keep warm. The insulation effect of the tank depends on the thickness of the insulation layer (foam layer). The thicker the insulation layer, the wider the coverage, the better the insulation effect. Some of the poor air on the market to water heater water tank insulation layer thickness is generally only 20 ~ 30mm, and the water tank at both ends without insulation layer, insulation effect is not ideal. Often the host a stop, the water soon cool. So be sure to choose a layer of insulation in the 40 ~ 50mm, 360-degree all-round insulation of the tank. Some customers will ask: I can not open the water tank to see, how to know how thick insulation layer in the end? Here you can teach a little trick: the same capacity of the water tank, the larger the volume, the heavier the weight, indicating that the thicker its insulation layer, the insulation effect is also better.
    Jacket Kettle welding quality affect the use of Jacket Kettle effect, so we should be more attention when the jacket Jacket Kettle, the following Xiaobian give you a talk about the jacket when the kettle should pay attention to the four points when the welding.
    First, the first control of welding current, Jacket Kettle in the welding time, the current must be less than low-carbon steel, the current is about 80% of low carbon steel.
 Second, the next is the effective control of the speed of welding, as far as possible the fastest speed to the Jacket Kettle welding, the main purpose is to reduce the width of the entire heat affected area, the weld temperature of the sensitized zone temperature To the minimum, so that the weld is always maintained in a stable state, and the weld organization to refine.

    Third, once again a reasonable choice of welding materials, the Jacket Kettle for welding material selection must be appropriate, but also to protect the atmosphere, because the main chemical composition of the wire will weld the entire site, causing corrosion resistance Related to the impact, and the electrode is best with the base metal and the same chemical composition, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the weld.

    Fourth, the last is the cleaning of the jacket after the kettle cleaning work, the surface of the material must be left because of the residue left to clean up, after the end of the welding should be removed to clean the welding residue.