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Pressure Vessel Industry Development

May 27, 2017

Pressure Vessel Pressure vessel, pressure vessel, English: pressure vessel, refers to the possession of gas or liquid, carrying a certain pressure of the closed equipment

  Manufacturing process

  1, pressure vessel manufacturing process can be divided into: raw material acceptance process, marking process, cutting process, derusting process, machining (including planing, etc.) process, rolling process, the group process, welding process Plate), non-destructive testing process, opening line marking process, the total inspection process, heat treatment process, pressure test process, anti-corrosion process.

  2, different welding methods have different welding processes. The welding process is mainly based on the material, grade, chemical composition, weldment structure type, welding performance requirements of the workpiece to be welded. First of all to determine the welding methods, such as hand arc welding, submerged arc welding, TIG welding, melting gas protection welding, etc., the type of welding method is very large, only according to the specific circumstances of choice. After welding, the welding process parameters are determined, and the welding process parameters are different. For example, the arc welding mainly includes: electrode type (or grade), diameter, current, voltage, welding power type, polarity connection, welding The number of layers, the number of tests, and so on.

  Industry development

  (1) Encouraged by the national industrial policy The metal pressure vessel industry is encouraged by the relevant industrial policies listed in the relevant industrial policies. The favorable industrial policy environment is conducive to the sustainable development of the industry in the future.

  (2) the upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry is the only way to China's manufacturing power industry equipment manufacturing industry's technical level and strength, a direct impact and determine the downstream industry and product competitiveness, is an important manifestation of national comprehensive national strength The Throughout the world's industrial power, without exception, are the power of equipment manufacturing industry. Benefit from the sustained and rapid development of China's national economy and the strong support of the country, China's manufacturing power from the manufacturing power to change has become an inevitable trend. In the context of the upgrading of China's industrial equipment, important applications of metal pressure vessels such as clean energy applications, new energy manufacturing, desalination equipment manufacturing, etc. were included in the "priority development of high-tech industrialization focus on the field guide (2007) "And" industrial structure adjustment guide directory (2005) ", the upgrading of the downstream industry will be Pressure Vessel the metal pressure vessel manufacturing industry has brought great opportunities for development and market prospects.

  (3) the development of equipment manufacturing industry is gradually shifted to the Asia-Pacific region

  With the increasing impact of economic globalization and labor costs, the focus of the world's manufacturing industry is gradually shifting towards the Asia-Pacific region. ASME certification as the international accepted and applied the most extensive pressure vessel standards, by our country more and more enterprises to learn and promote. According to the China Chemical Equipment Association, in 2007 China's ASME license manufacturers for the 260, up 33% over the previous year; as of June 2009, this number has increased to 390, ranked second in the world. Which in turn the number of enterprises in Jiangsu Province, the largest number of 126. China's manufacturing industry after years of development, already has a considerable scale and strength of the foundation for the transfer of foreign equipment manufacturing industry to provide a realistic possibility.

  (4) in the introduction, absorption, digestion and innovation on the basis of the development of China's national conditions for the development of new technologies, new technology, training a large number of technical backbone and experienced managers, with the development of domestic and foreign markets have the core competitiveness.