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Pressure Vessel Industry Situation

Aug 31, 2017

Pressure Vessel industry situation
Metal Pressure Vessels are widely used in chemical, petroleum, machinery, metallurgy, nuclear energy, aviation, aerospace and other departments, is the production process essential to the core equipment. Metallurgy, machining, welding and non-destructive testing and other technologies continue to progress, especially in computer technology as the representative of the rapid development of information technology, led the development of related industries in the world has invested a lot of manpower and material resources for in-depth study of the foundation On the metal Pressure Vessel technology has also made the corresponding progress.
Metal Pressure Vessel manufacturing industry as a sub-industry of oil and petrochemical equipment, driven by the growth of crude oil prices showed steady growth. "2013-2017 China Metal Pressure Vessel Industry Market Outlook and Investment Opportunity Analysis Report" shows that in 2010 the scale of metal Pressure Vessel production enterprises a total of 588, total assets of 41.391 billion yuan; sales income of 48.819 billion yuan, an increase of 21.47% ; Total profit of 2.483 billion yuan, an increase of 37.24%.
With the increasing competition in the metal Pressure Vessel industry, the integration of large-scale metal Pressure Vessel mergers and acquisitions and capital operation are becoming more and more frequent. The domestic excellent metal Pressure Vessel manufacturers pay more and more attention to the research on the industry market, especially for the enterprise development environment and A Further Study on the Change of Customer Demand Trend. Because of this, a large number of domestic excellent metal Pressure Vessel brand rapid rise, and gradually become the metal Pressure Vessel industry leader!
From 2003 to 2007, the output value of China's metal Pressure Vessel industry maintained a rapid growth trend, with an average annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of 26.4%. The total output value of metal Pressure Vessel enterprises in 2008 was estimated at 26.4 billion yuan, up 13.90% year on year. 2010 metal Pressure Vessel industry output value reached about 35 billion yuan of industrial scale. The size of about 38.5 billion in 2011. December 2011, China's production of industrial boilers 3.5 million tons of evaporation, an increase of 32.74%. Data show: January-December 2011, the national industrial boiler production reached 413,000 tons of steam, an increase of 28.86%.
The early use of Pressure Vessels in the chemical industry, the pressure more than 10 MPa in the following. Synthetic ammonia and high pressure polyethylene and other high-pressure production process, the Pressure Vessel required to withstand the pressure increased to 100 MPa or more.
With the development of chemical and petrochemical industries, the working temperature range of Pressure Vessels is becoming wider and wider; the emergence of new working media also requires Pressure Vessels to be resistant to medium corrosion; many process plants are growing in size and the capacity of Pressure Vessels With the ever-increasing. Since the 1960s, the development of nuclear power plants has put forward higher safety and technical requirements for reactor Pressure Vessels, which has further promoted the development of Pressure Vessels. Such as: the development of coal conversion industry, the need for a single weight of thousands of tons of high temperature Pressure Vessel; fast neutron proliferation reactor applications, the need to address the high temperature resistance to liquid sodium corrosion Pressure Vessel; marine engineering development, Several hundred to several thousand meters working outside the Pressure Vessel.
The Pressure Vessel is a chemical treatment device that can be used for the evaporation of various items, which also includes waste water. The emergence and application of Pressure Vessels not only solve the problems in the process of wastewater treatment, but also reduce the processing costs, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment. But there are many types of waste water that are produced in life and in the industry, and how does the Pressure Vessel respond effectively to so much waste water?
Although many types of waste water, leading to its characteristics and treatment methods are ever-changing, but with a Pressure Vessel which will not be the case. The Pressure Vessel can realize a variety of evaporation systems, such as double-effect, three-effect, four-effect, five-effect, etc., to meet the evaporation requirements of different materials, so that the evaporation of water to meet the national emission standards.
And the Pressure Vessel heat transfer coefficient is relatively large, so the heat transfer temperature difference requirements will be relatively small; In addition, the equipment can also use waste heat and other low calorific value heat source as a Pressure Vessel heat source, thus greatly reducing the amount of raw steam The biggest energy-saving effect for the enterprise to bring the economic benefits of this reflected.