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Several Principles Of Using Stainless Barrel

Jun 22, 2017

Several principles of using Stainless Barrel
The current water tank market, the stainless steel barrel is the most popular, it is by virtue of its own beautiful shape and practical characteristics of particularly strong, more and more people use. In order to ensure the life of stainless steel drums, we should pay attention to the use of the process, the following Xiaobian to introduce the use of stainless steel drums in the process of several principles:

1. Stainless steel living water tank can not store the pressure of liquid, can not contain acid, alkali, salty liquid and chemical raw materials, such as the user does need to use pressure plate can be made with thick plate, need to fill acid, alkali, salty liquid Customized "316L" made of stainless steel for industrial use.

2. Do not apply excessive weight to the inlet when the tank is piping. Do not apply the weight of the valve and large diameter pipe directly to the tank outlet. If necessary, set the pipe support. The expansion, shrinkage and vibration of the welding pipe must be installed. Flexible joint.

3. Water tank in the use of the process, not in the top of the tank to place other bulky items or equipment, do not use a hard object to tap or picture water tank surface and pipe fittings, water tank overflow into the exhaust function, can not be blocked. Users in the use of the process, should always observe the water tank, the external main parts and accessories use, there are problems in a timely manner to the manufacturers to reflect.

4. When installing stainless steel bucket accessories to lightly move, the box if bumps, scratches will appear rust. Should be wiped with a soft cloth after the wax can be. When the water tank is installed, the tripod shall be placed in a firm and secure place and fixed with screws or cement. It shall be installed near the wall and shall be provided with a protective net to prevent the tripod from cracking or wind. The water tank tripod shall be checked and found to be repaired For rust treatment, serious need to be replaced in a timely manner.

5. If the tank is on the roof, the user must install the lightning protection facilities. At the same time, the water tank into the hole cover should not be free to open, to prevent water quality by secondary pollution, in addition, stainless steel barrels generally need to clean each year, maintenance twice (recommended in the tank filled with water purification equipment).

Warm reminder: the container test the water without leakage, should open the drain valve, row test water, rinse clean internal discharge valve, water injection to the design level, normal use, long-term placement, re-watering, should check the parts are normal The