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Stainless Barrel Material On What Point Of Attention And Thickness Of The Note

Sep 20, 2017

Stainless Barrel material on what point of attention and thickness of the note
    Water tank in the Stainless Barrel, I believe we can continue to learn, to gradually familiar with and understand this kind of water tank, thus, to increase their knowledge in this area, so the next explanation of the knowledge content is very important Because it is one of the effective ways to achieve the above purpose, therefore, hope that we can seriously and carry out, so to have a good learning effect.
     1. What is the thickness of a stainless steel bucket? Are there any relevant national standards?
     The thickness of the stainless steel bucket, which is determined by the height of the tank. However, in this particular aspect, there is no clear requirement and requirement. Therefore, in the choice, the general is based on the actual situation to carry out. However, under normal circumstances, the tank floor thickness of about 3 cm. Between the side panels, a difference of 0.5 cm, and the higher the number of layers, the thinner the thickness.
     2. Stainless Barrels, which in the material, which is mainly used in a stainless steel?
     Stainless steel drum, the material, the main use of the SUS304 stainless steel this specific grade, the reason is because the use of this material, you can shenzhen molding, and, handsome in appearance, but also can be economical and practical, and Durable, etc., so will it be used. And, in the use of the effect, is also very good.
     3. Stainless Barrels in the material, in general, what will be used, or that, what can be the choice?
     This is the case, for the Stainless Barrel of this kind of water tank, its choice in the stainless steel material, in general, there are 302,201,316,304 and 430 of these five. However, of which 302 and 201 of these two, because it is low-grade stainless steel, rather than food grade stainless steel, so it is not recommended. While the other three, is to achieve the food grade stainless steel, can be assured to use.
Stainless Barrel, which can be said that the application of a very wide range of water tanks, and, in our daily life, is also visible. In addition, it is an important product on the site, so its learning work, to be taken seriously, in order to grasp their knowledge in time, so as soon as possible to achieve the desired learning objectives.
1. stainless steel buckets in the stainless steel pressure tank, its main advantages, what?
Stainless steel bucket, for a Stainless Barrel this one, its main advantages are:
(1) in the material, is the use of food grade 304 or 316L stainless steel, therefore, will not pollute the water, will not cause any pollution.
(2) This kind of water tank, is carried out a full range of anti-corrosion treatment, so the use of the process, there will be no corrosion phenomenon, and have a longer service life.
(3) able to withstand greater pulse pressure, and temperature changes. In addition, the intensity, it will not decline. In addition, the heat transfer effect, is also very good.
2. Stainless Barrel, generally choose how much?
For Stainless Barrel in the home type, in general, the tonnage of about 1 ton, you can. However, if the tank size exceeds 170 * 40 * 54cm, then, is to be carried out by professionals to ensure that there will be no leakage problems. In addition, in the water tank, should be reserved for four water pipes, water pipes, outlet pipes, diarrhea pipes and overflow pipes, are indispensable.
3. Stainless Barrels and glass steel tank compared to which one more cost-effective?
Stainless steel bucket and glass steel tank, the two kinds of water tank to compare the words, then, on this issue, not a good answer. Because, but also to see the media in the tank, as well as some other specific circumstances, such as use. However, Stainless Barrels, than the glass steel tank durable, cost-effective, but also better.