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Stainless Steel Tank In The Daily Use Of The Instructions Points

Aug 09, 2017

Stainless Steel Tank in the daily use of the instructions points
1, Stainless Steel Tank can only be stored in the water can only enter the equipment, domestic water (fire water), can not, sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid acidic, alkaline content of the larger liquid.
2, the use of the tank during the process with other re-installed on the top of the tank can not use the hard body of the sink and the layout of the plumbing and piping, the problem in advance to inform the manufacturers of technical maintenance personnel, maintenance of welding, require professional professional manufacturer of welding Person, repair the water to let go.
3, maintenance personnel regularly observe the monthly water tank, the external parts and components of the use of the situation, the problem promptly manufacturers to reflect.
4, the water tank to open a hole free, secondary pollution to prevent the impact of water quality, the annual water tank cleaning, disinfection 1-2 degrees.
Assembled stainless steel ribbed tank type welding product description
It is the most advanced, the most beautiful and the most suitable sink in the country. It is made of stainless steel rib welded pipe, The structure is compact, reasonable, advanced, timber province, civil and industrial building to promote, store, adjust the water ideal equipment. It is a reasonable design, reasonable design, full welding site combination, high strength, good sealing, water pollution prevention to prevent secondary, absolute leaching, light, ordinary steel plate sink one-half, reasonable price, the appearance of clean, bright, Practical and so on.
Engineering projects are selected Stainless Steel Tank (water tower) to replace the original cement pool. As the Stainless Steel Tank with high strength, sealing, cleaning and installation features such as convenience, is currently widely used in roof water storage, solar water and other fields. So, buy stainless steel tank should pay attention to what?
1, pay attention to the material of the tank
       Stainless Steel Tank is made of Stainless Steel Tank, and Stainless Steel Tank has a lot of types, in accordance with national standards, the production of Stainless Steel Tanks (including solar water heater insulation tank) must be used SUS304 Stainless Steel Tank, which is commonly known as "food grade Stainless Steel Tank ", this steel plate with high nickel content, with a high degree of corrosion resistance, made of this steel tank under normal circumstances in the life of more than 20 years, and can meet the national drinking water health standards.
        Due to market competition reasons, coupled with the people can not distinguish the material of stainless steel, many small factories on the use of non-edible grade steel (such as decorative Stainless Steel Tank 201) production of water tanks, the cost can be reduced by more than 50%, but the service life only Is a few years, the water quality is almost even a few weeks to corrode the water.
2, pay attention to the thickness of steel plate
       The thickness of the Stainless Steel Tank is millimeter, the general household water tank (2M3 below) is usually made of 0.4-0.5 mm thick steel plate, rarely with more than 1.0 mm steel plate. Some manufacturers in order to cheat the people to obtain illegal profits, unauthorized boast plate thickness, improve the customer's desire to buy, very immoral. Conditional customers can use the spiral micrometer to measure the thickness of the steel plate, or weigh the method of measurement, heavy plate weight to be heavier, weighing one kilogram will have nearly 50 yuan of material cost difference.