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Stainless Steel Tank Installation Speed

Oct 20, 2017

Stainless Steel Tank installation speed
People who have purchased Stainless Steel Tanks should know that Stainless Steel Tanks are mainly used for the construction of water tanks, such as regulation of water supply, storage tanks, fire water tanks, expansion of heating systems, construction, condensate tanks, geological surveys, road construction and defense works. Stainless Steel Tank can store cold water, but also to store hot water, and has acid, alkali, impermeable, no leakage, no deformation, no corrosion and so on. These are some of the more understanding of the above, but some customers may not understand how the Stainless Steel Tank is installed, so the installation of Stainless Steel Tank has become more concerned about the issue of consumers.
Stainless Steel Tank placement: water tank can be placed in the roof, or the ground, or the basement. Stainless steel horizontal water tank can be made into a flat flat bottom, the bottom of the tank Can be placed directly on the ground without the need for a stent basis. Vertical (flat bottom) water tank, the bottom edge of the hole with a flange, the installation can be used to tighten the wire with the wall or fixed on a separate basis to expand the expansion screw. Stainless Steel Tanks are generally equipped with maintenance holes, water intake, outlet, sewage outfall, exhaust, overflow, etc., can also be designed according to customer requirements. Sewage outlets as a clean up the dirt, can be connected to sewage, can also be fitted with thread plug on the ground sewage, according to the user according to the situation. Overflow with water tank exhaust and float valve failure when used, can be connected to sewage, but also allow it to drain on the ground.
Stainless Steel Tank installation speed is the need for time, the installation of Stainless Steel Tanks, specifically the staff to our home installation, this is our consumers do not have to worry about the problem, as the installation speed is to see the size of the tank you need to install, you If the water tank needs to be large, the installation time will be longer, if you need the size of the tank is relatively small, it is possible to install the speed is very fast.
Stainless Steel Tank is currently widely used in the international new water tank. So the manufacturer of Stainless Steel Tank is also our most concerned about, and choose the glass steel tank manufacturers have become our people most concerned about the problem, and indeed many manufacturers produce Stainless Steel Tank, but also the production of Stainless Steel Tank, how can we see which manufacturers are good It, choose a good water tank manufacturers should pay attention to what? These are the topics we care about. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, both the family and the construction industry, are selected Stainless Steel Tank to replace the original cement pool. As the Stainless Steel Tank with high strength, sealed, easy installation and cleaning, and other characteristics, is currently widely used in roof water storage, high water supply, fire water and other fields. So what should we pay attention to when we buy Stainless Steel Tanks?
The first to pay attention to the Stainless Steel Tank material, Stainless Steel Tank made of stainless steel plate, and stainless steel plate has a lot of species, in accordance with national standards, the production of Stainless Steel Tank must use SUS304 stainless steel plate, which is commonly known as " Stainless steel plate ", this steel plate with high nickel content, with high corrosion resistance.
The second note the thickness of the steel plate, the thickness of the stainless steel plate is millimeter, the general living water tank (2 cubic meters) is usually made of 0.4-0.5 mm thick steel plate, rarely used 1.0 mm above the steel plate. Some manufacturers in order to cheat the people to obtain illegal profits, unauthorized boast plate thickness, improve the customer's desire to buy, very immoral. Conditional customers can use the spiral micrometer to measure the thickness of the steel plate, or weigh the method of measurement, heavy plate weight to be heavier, weighing one kilogram will have nearly 50 yuan of material cost difference.
The third look at the model, different customers according to the different needs of the size of the water tank is naturally different, do not unnecessary to pick a huge water tank, the water tank for a long time with a long time, one is unsanitary, one is for the tank There is a certain damage.
The fourth Stainless Steel Tank for a different water quality have a certain resistance, but because the water quality is different, may be for some of the more special water quality, the selection of water tanks should also pay attention to domestic and foreign different models for water quality.