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Stainless Steel Water Tank Material Identification

Sep 20, 2017

Stainless steel Water Tank material identification
Now the stainless steel Water Tank market confusion, stainless steel Water Tank price gap is growing, one stainless steel Water Tank manufacturers to improve the technology to reduce costs, so the low price of Water Tanks, the second is the use of poor quality stainless steel manufacturers shoddy, so the Water Tank prices low. So how should we identify the stainless steel Water Tank material, choose to high-quality stainless steel Water Tank?
Stainless steel Water Tank material identification method is as follows:
1, with a touch of magnet to see if the magnetic absorption. 304 stainless steel in general is not magnetized.
2, to the local mechanical research institute or a metal test capacity of the unit to do chemical composition analysis.
3, consumers in the purchase of Water Tanks must let the seller specify the product material, and let it issue a certificate and warranty.
Identification of stainless steel Water Tank material is an important step to buy stainless steel Water Tank, but also responsible for the consumer itself, to prevent the late due to Water Tank material problems caused by poor results.
As the saying goes: a penny goods. In most cases the quality of the product and the cost of the product determines the price of the product, but there are manufacturers Rangli to the customer's situation, then you can not just to determine the price of the product quality is good or bad, and the need to combine a wide range of factors To analyze.
People's shopping psychology is to buy quality and cheap products, but the price of the product is how to determine it? Here, Xiaobian for everyone to analyze the price of stainless steel Water Tank cost factors which?
1, the size of the Water Tank.
2, stainless steel and sheet thickness standards.
3, Water Tank installation site of the distance.
4, labor costs and installation duration.
It is noteworthy that: stainless steel Water Tank prices with the changes in the price of stainless steel changes, the specific price should prevail the day price.
First of all for the stainless steel Water Tank material selection to be authentic, which is to ensure that the main reason for the durability of stainless steel Water Tank;
Followed by stainless steel Water Tank in the thickness of the configuration, the use of national standards related to the thickness of the board to configure, and the latter part of the manufacturing and installation, can effectively guarantee the life of stainless steel Water Tank, the current market, many customers in the choice of stainless steel Water Tank , It is like the choice of high-grade thickness configuration, the actual this will affect the use of stainless steel Water Tank, but not absolute, but in the choice of raw materials, customers will feel the higher the price, then the quality is certainly the best, in fact Nor is it certain;
Once again in the installation of the stainless steel Water Tank, the internal reinforcement in the set must be reasonable, and the reinforcement of the entire force should be enough, when welding the weld, the current must be smooth, and select the TIG Time, argon can not open too small, although the same argon can open the same welding, but the weld will be due to the size of the argon affect the quality of welding, box and the location of the welding when the bar To be in place, because the place of the weld by the pull will be relatively large.
The last is on the maintenance and maintenance of stainless steel Water Tanks, must be regularly on the stainless steel Water Tank for disinfection and cleaning, absolutely can not use hard objects to destroy the stainless steel Water Tank.
In the early morning of the fall, there is often a frost or dew, and if the surface of the stainless steel Water Tank is scratched, or if the dirt is directly attached to the surface, it will be wet Resulting in rusty Water Tank, we are in the maintenance of the time, first of all the surface of the dirt to be completely removed, and then take it to spray or other anti-rust measures.