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Summary Of The Classification Of Pressure Vessel

Dec 16, 2016

Pressure vessel classification method are many, from the Angle of the use, manufacture and inspection, classification, there are the following.

1.according to the stress level is divided into: low pressure vessel, medium pressure vessel, pressure vessel and superhigh pressure vessel.

2.according to the loading medium is divided into: non flammable, non-toxic; Flammable or toxic; Highly toxic.

3.according to the role of process divided into:

(1) the reaction tank for medium physical and chemical reaction vessel.

(2) heat transfer container: used to complete medium heat exchange of the container.

(3) separate containers: used to complete the quality of the medium exchange of solid, liquid, gas, gas purification, separation of containers.

(4) shipping container: used to survey all material, liquid or gas medium or container of pressure balance buffer role.