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The Market Prospect Of Stainless Steel Tank

Jul 07, 2017

The market prospect of Stainless Steel Tank

Now the water treatment enterprise of Stainless Steel Tank has also entered a new stage of development. Stainless Steel Tank market overall positive to obtain the different levels of development of private enterprises, and the production process is a physical change, no pollution, easy to recycle, low density, good impact toughness, and a series of advantages, so from the perspective of environmental protection and recycling economy, appropriate USES FRTP, also the existing pressure machine, mold are available, just add a heating oven. However, there are two main influencing factors for the future development prospects of China's water treatment industry:

Factors, national policy under the control of rigid demand, mainly for the state encourages to water pollution governance, promote implementation of energy saving and emission reduction, attaches great importance to the circulation of water resources utilization, solve the problem of water shortage region such as demanded by the policy. These requirements will mainly promote the rapid development of the recycling market and the small and medium-sized industrial wastewater treatment market.

Factor 2, economic development and people's living standards improve internal demand, main show is urban upgrade, upscale community construction, people's living environment for the park green space construction of new Stainless Steel Tank water treatment requirements. The demand in this area will mainly promote the development of rainwater, landscape water treatment and domestic sewage treatment market.

1. When the cause of corrosion causes water leakage, check whether it is uniform corrosion or local corrosion. If it is uniformly corrosive, all pipes may be reduced by corrosion and the proper method is to replace all tubes or the whole heat exchanger. If it is a certain part of the pipe or something that is leaking in corrosion, it can be taken out of the pipe and replaced with a new tube, as the usual weld leakage has no guarantee of quality.

2, because of leaky pipes caused by bad quality or manufacturing, should be taken into account by accident one and all, if there are conditions to inspection of the pipe, unconditionally replacing leaking pipes, if continue to find that after leaking pipe, is recommended to replace all the pipe.

3. When the pipe breaks due to a freeze, it is likely that many of the pipes are frozen at the same time. Because of the deformation of the frostbite tube, it is difficult to pull out the tube, and then it should be able to move slowly, pull out the tube and replace the new tube. If only one or two pipes burst, the tube can be used to suffocate the dead or die.

4. The pipe shall be treated according to different conditions when the pipe is connected and the welding connection is not good. If the welded pipe is welded or reconnected to the leaking area. If you can expand the pipe when the swelling is loose, you can expand it again by using the manual expander. The tube must be expanded at both ends of the tube. To prevent the tube from twisting or loosening; If the expansion does not work well, replace the new tube.

Many cement tanks have been converted into Stainless Steel Tanks for our drinking water and health. Stainless Steel Tank for the cement, glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank, and other water tank, its advantage is health non-toxic, corrosion resistance is strong, can be fully reflected in the sun to absorb heat inside don't breed algae, at any time to ensure clean water quality, for we have a guarantee of drinking water and health. The Stainless Steel Tank has the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, clean water quality, anti-seepage, aseismatic, and never raw mossy. It is convenient for the equipment, no maintenance, easy cleaning and so on. So installed Stainless Steel Tank, how should use and maintain?

A Stainless Steel Tank is used as a secondary equipment for storing and living water. It can only be filled with water (fire fighting water) which can not be filled with hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid or acid or alkaline content.

2. Don't open the water tank to prevent the secondary pollution of water quality. The water tank should be cleaned and disinfected at least 1-2 times per year.

Three, tanks in use process, do not place other light equipment on the top of the tank, don't knock at random or picture tank layout and pipe fittings with good thing, there is a problem to notice the factory technical maintenance personnel, repair welding, is specialized is engaged in the argon arc welding work of professionals, maintenance to put the water out.