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The Principle Of The Use Of Stainless Barrel

Sep 11, 2017

The principle of the use of Stainless Barrel
The current water tank market, Stainless Barrel is the most popular, it is by virtue of its own beautiful shape and practical characteristics of particularly strong, more and more people use. In order to ensure the life of Stainless Barrel, we should pay more attention to the use of the process, the following Xiaobian to introduce the use of stainless steel barrels in the process of several principles:
1. Water tank in the use of the process, not at the top of the tank to place other bulky items or equipment, do not use hard objects to tap or picture the surface of the tank and pipe, the overflow of the tank into the exhaust role, not blocked. Users in the use of the process, should always observe the water tank, the external main parts and accessories use, there are problems in a timely manner to the manufacturers to reflect.
2. When installing Stainless Barrel accessories to lightly move, the box if bumps, scratches will appear rust. Should be wiped with a soft cloth after the wax can be. When the water tank is installed, the tripod shall be placed in a stable place and fixed with screws or cement. It shall be installed near the wall and shall be provided with a protective net to prevent the tripod from cracking or wind. The water tank tripod shall be checked regularly and found to be repaired For rust treatment, serious need to be replaced in a timely manner.
3. If the tank is on the roof, the user must install the lightning protection facilities. At the same time, the water tank into the hole cover should not be free to open, to prevent water quality by secondary pollution, in addition, stainless steel barrels generally need to clean each year, maintenance twice (recommended in the tank filled with water purification equipment).
4. Stainless Barrel can not store the pressure of liquid, can not contain acid, alkali, salty liquid and chemical raw materials, such as the user does need to use pressure plate can be made of thick plate, need to fill acid, alkali, salty liquid Customized "316L" made of stainless steel for industrial use.
Do not apply the weight of the valve and large diameter pipe directly to the tank outlet, if necessary, should be set up pipe support; the expansion of the pipe, shrinkage, vibration must be installed with the expansion of the water pipe, Flexible joint.
The core competitiveness of the Stainless Barrel is the unique ability of the tank factory to form an excess profit that can not be easily imitated by the peers.
The core competitiveness of stainless steel barrels mainly includes core technical ability, organization agreement ability, external influence and adaptability, its essence is to let consumers get really better than the opponent's irreplaceable value, products, services and culture The
Stainless Barrel in order to have their own unique core competitiveness, without exception, can not do without two points:
The first is the quality of the product produced by the tanker, which is the most basic factor and the decision to end up and how important it is
Followed by Stainless Barrel manufacturers own service quality, in today's more and more attention to the experience of the era, the service in the entire system occupies the weight or even as much as the proportion of the product itself.
This capability is the first to achieve the value of customers, such as: can significantly reduce costs, improve product quality, improve service efficiency, increase customer effectiveness, so as to bring a competitive advantage of Stainless Barrel manufacturers.
For people, the Stainless Barrel is a very good product, naturally in terms of price will have a different place, although the same product, but because of different types or other factors may be the impact of other factors There will be a different price, and then choose to buy the time should pay attention to this one issue, should be fully aware of this product in the end which is what type, what kind of specifications, and then to buy, Will be more insurance, and not easy to produce problems.
Price terms
Stainless Barrel in the pricing of the time, will be subject to some of the more critical factors, the price of the product and these factors will be linked to, in many cases, because these factors are different, the price may have a different place, People in the choice of time, if you pay attention to this point, you can save a lot of trouble, but also a good guarantee of their own interests will not be damaged.