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The Variety Of Pressure Vessels Division

Dec 16, 2016

Pressure vessels according to principle role in the production process, divided into the reaction pressure vessel, so the heat exchange separation pressure vessel, pressure vessel, storage of pressure vessel. Specific division is as follows:

(1) the reaction pressure vessel code (R) : mainly used for physical and chemical reaction of complete medium pressure vessel, such as reactor, reaction kettle, decomposition pot, vulcanizing pot, decomposition tower, polymerization kettle, autoclave, super autoclave, synthetic tower, transform furnace, cooking pot, steam ball, autoclaved kettle, gas generator, etc.

(2) heat pressure vessel code (E) : is mainly used to complete medium heat exchange of pressure vessel, such as the tube shell type waste heat boiler, heat exchanger, condenser, cooler, heater, sterilization pot, dyeing machine, dryer, steaming, frying pan, preheating pot, solvent preheater, off-line, electric heating steam boiler, steam generator, gas generator water jacket and so on.

(3) (code S) : separation of pressure vessel is mainly used to complete the medium fluid pressure balance buffer gas purification and separation of pressure vessel, such as the separator, filter, oil trap, buffer, washer, washing tower, drying tower, absorption tower, copper stripping tower, cylinder, deaerator, etc.

(4) storage pressure vessel (symbol C, including spherical tank code B) : mainly used for storage, holding gas, liquid, liquefied gas medium such as pressure containers, such as various types of storage tank.

In a pressure vessel, such as to have a combination of two or more process principle, should according to the main role in the process to differentiate varieties.