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To Ensure The Safe Operation Of Pressure Vessel

Jul 07, 2017

To ensure the safe operation of Pressure Vessel

A pressure vessel is an airtight device that contains gas or liquid, which carries certain pressure. The equipment is recognized as a dangerous device, so we should be aware of the following items to ensure the safety of the equipment.

Smooth operation: the Pressure Vessel during the operation, the frequent changes of the pressure and the large fluctuation, the anti-fatigue damage to the container is unfavourable. The operating pressure should be kept as smooth as possible. At the same time, the container should avoid sudden changes of the shell temperature during operation, so as to avoid excessive temperature stress.

Prevent overload: prevent overload of Pressure Vessel, mainly to prevent overpressure. Container to strictly control the feed rate, reaction temperature, reaction is out of control and make the container overpressure, prevent storage container filling material, we will strictly measurement, put an end to the ultra, prevent material thermal expansion make container overpressure.

Condition monitoring, pressure vessel operator during a run in the container to constantly monitor the working condition of the container, found in the operation of the container in time appear abnormal situation, and take corresponding measures to ensure safe operation. The supervision and control of the operation state of the container are mainly carried out in terms of technological conditions, equipment conditions and safety devices.

Emergency shutdown: when one of the following abnormal phenomena occurs in the pressure vessel, the operator shall immediately take emergency measures and report to the relevant departments of the unit in accordance with the prescribed procedures. These phenomena mainly include: work pressure, rapid dielectric change, medium temperature or wall temperature exceed allowable value, and measures still cannot be effectively controlled. The defects of the main compression elements, such as cracks, drums, deformation, leakage, etc. Failure of security accessories; It is difficult to ensure safe operation when the fastener is damaged. The fire directly threatens the safe operation of the pressure vessel; Excessive filling; Loss of control of liquid level; The pressure vessel and the pipe are seriously vibrating, endangering the safety operation and so on.

This is also an important guarantee for the safe use of Pressure Vessel. I hope you will strictly observe them!

Higher temperature environment, if wash, it is bound to affect the double good use of pressure vessel, so for each operating personnel must pay more attention to and seriously, and also can effectively ensure the safety of the product at the beginning of the operation.

Because the hot surface of the surface of the cold water will cause cracks in the surface to cause aging too quickly. After parking, the engine, box cover, and other transmission devices are still hot and run to wash the car. In fact, this method is incorrect and can cause injury to the pressure vessel. After the pressure vessel engine cools, wash the car and avoid the wrong car wash to the pressure vessel. Do not rinse the water with water as soon as possible under high temperature. The coating will be damaged in time. After the rain, it should be cleaned in time. Because rain stains will gradually decrease after rain, the concentration of acid in the rain will gradually increase. Meet bird droppings, some with corrosion, such as adhesion material hard dirt shall timely cleaning, it is best to use the special cleaning supplies, do not use rough hard or cleaning, such as gasoline, and prevent the car paint surface scratch pressure vessel.