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What Are The Causes Of Pressure Vessel Leakage And Rust

Nov 02, 2017

What are the causes of Pressure Vessel leakage and rust
Pressure Vessel leakage and rust causes of the answer? In fact, there are many reasons for this problem. You know what the number of manufacturers doing jerry-building, cheat for the activities, perhaps you spend a large cost in exchange for only 201 material, or 304 material, in fact, should really use 3042 / B, more resistant to corrosion 316L, 444 Wait. My specific analysis is as follows:
Do not apply excessive load to the piping inlet and outlet when using, repairing, and servicing the Pressure Vessel. Do not apply the weight of the valve and the large diameter pipe directly to the Pressure Vessel outlet. If necessary, set the pipe support: the expansion, contraction and vibration of the welding pipe must be fitted with flexible joints. Silk material, generally contact with the water must use stainless steel, but some silk, the flange is actually iron. As long as the material is not right, it is easy to rust off, undeniable. Also hope that we can not seek, can not seek cheap, no manufacturers are not the pursuit of profit, offer too much too much, then there are problems. But also a very high price, but also to buy bad goods, reported here to sympathy. Really, stainless steel 200 series sheet and 300 series plate is difficult to identify the naked eye. Please also pay attention to a lot of product warranty.
Stamping stainless steel plate welding Pressure Vessel with stainless steel plate stamping out of the ribs, and welded with stainless steel welded together, simple structure, good strength, can produce a larger capacity Pressure Vessel. Because the box with stainless steel plate as a whole welding, completely cut off the sun exposure, it will not breed algae. So that water quality is always kept clean. Professional welder on - site argon arc welding. The construction site has a standard power supply.
When the water pressure of the tap water in the Pressure Vessel is greater than the amount of water, the air in the Pressure Vessel is discharged by the automatic respirator under the action of water, and when the air pressure is less than the pressure of the water, the Pressure Vessel is closed and the Pressure Vessel The pressure is less than the pressure of the tap water and varies according to the change in the effluent.
How does the Pressure Vessel play its more energy efficient:
Pipe and Pressure Vessel insulation. Pipeline insulation, including circulating pipe with hot water supply pipe and return pipe insulation. Water pipe insulation can be used insulation cotton or polyurethane foam two. Small diameter generally insulated with cotton insulation, large tube with polyurethane foam insulation. When the ambient temperature is low, the water temperature drop is particularly powerful, if the water supply pipe has done backwater system and no heating pipe and return pipe for insulation, then the waste of heat will increase, energy efficiency will be drastically reduced. Pressure Vessel insulation is also important, the Pressure Vessel under normal circumstances will use polyurethane foam 5mm insulation layer, and then add a layer of stainless steel outside the insulation layer. This pressure container insulation effect is good.
In the installation method will also affect the energy saving effect of the heat pump. From the use of different ways can be divided into all-weather water supply and timing water supply two modes: all-weather water is mainly used in hotels, hotels, hospitals and other places, regular water is mainly used in schools, factories and other places.
Timing water supply installation method is relatively simple. As long as the Pressure Vessel and the host installed two circulation pipe can be recycled heating, and then hot water in a period of time after use and then re-add cold water, reheating. This installation method is very energy efficient.
There are many ways to install the all-weather water supply, such as the use of direct-fired, recycling, the size of the Pressure Vessel mode and so on.
Direct heating refers to the cold water through the host after the hot water can be used directly, the water temperature can reach between 45-55 ℃. This principle is through a throttle device to control the size of the amount of water, the water flow can not fill the entire heat exchanger, so do the direct heat of the host should take into account the heat pipe diameter can not be too much, to go through Repeated debugging to select the most reasonable diameter and way of walking.