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What Are The Potential Problems With Stainless Steel Tank?

Sep 11, 2017

What are the potential problems with Stainless Steel Tank?
With the improvement of living standards, residents of the drinking water quality requirements are getting higher and higher, so how to solve the problem of secondary pollution of the tank is very important, Stainless Steel Tank there are the following potential problems need us attention, please see the following description:
With the improvement of urban water supply in recent years, some areas of the water tank peak can also enter the water, the water tank side of the water into the water, easy to form short flow, local area into a dead water area, long-term deterioration of water quality, residual chlorine , Easy to breed bacteria, causing secondary pollution.
At present, most of the use of reinforced concrete structure of the Stainless Steel Tank, the water tank itself is flawed. The inner wall is more rough and easy to attach dirt, breeding moss; poor sealing, external pollutants such as dust, small insects easy to enter the water tank pollution.
Stainless steel water tank belongs to the housing property unit all, many property units on the tank management is not in place. Some water tank cover is not covered, mice, birds and other small animals drowned in the water tank, polluting the water quality, there are also foreign personnel in the water tank in the summer bathing clothes, so the Stainless Steel Tank is not regular cleaning, dirt, Moss, rust and so on in the water to form secondary pollution.
Most Stainless Steel Tank are controlled by the float valve, and the float valve is easily damaged, especially in areas where the water pressure is high, causing the water level to flow over the overflow nozzle into the sewer system, which is also caused by the total table, For one reason.
For stainless steel products, we all know that the more significant feature is its own anti-rust function, won the consumer's favorite. Even the Stainless Steel Tank is the same, its rust-proof function may ensure that the water is fully clean.
First, the Stainless Steel Tank with other water tank compared to the water, the most obvious is much cleaner! Because the general water tank there will be a rust problem, and stainless steel will not exist such a problem.
Second, stainless steel is relatively light, but also high temperature.
Three, will not leak, while the price is also very favorable.
Four, Stainless Steel Tank water supply equipment is very complete, and its use is also very simple. Before using the tank, be sure to remember whether the first test will leak, in the identification and leakage of the phenomenon, you can open the water injection on the line of water, cleaning the water tank, clean water can be directly to the design level.
Here we look at the use of the note:
First, the general life of Stainless Steel Tank can not exist there is pressure of liquid.
Second, in the use of the tank, the top of the tank can not be placed heavy objects, can not beat the tank.
Third, if the tank on the roof, you must install lightning protection equipment, but also regular cleaning tank to ensure that the water tank clean water.
With the improvement of living standards, people increasingly demanding water, the choice of Stainless Steel Tank, not only to ensure that the water is pure, and durable, is worth the user to choose a good product.
The current water tank market, Stainless Steel Tank is the most popular, it is by virtue of its own beautiful shape and practical characteristics of particularly strong, more and more people use. In order to ensure the life of the Stainless Steel Tank, we should pay more attention to the use of the following Xiaobian to introduce the use of Stainless Steel Tank in the process of several principles:
1. Water tank in the use of the process, not at the top of the tank to place other bulky items or equipment, do not use hard objects to tap or picture the surface of the tank and pipe, the overflow of the tank into the exhaust role, not blocked. Users in the use of the process, should always observe the water tank, the external main parts and accessories use, there are problems in a timely manner to the manufacturers to reflect.
2. When installing Stainless Steel Tank accessories to lightly move, the box if the bumps, scratches will appear rust. Should be wiped with a soft cloth after the wax can be. When the water tank is installed, the tripod shall be placed in a stable place and fixed with screws or cement. It shall be installed near the wall and shall be provided with a protective net to prevent the tripod from cracking or wind. The water tank tripod shall be checked regularly and found to be repaired For rust treatment, serious need to be replaced in a timely manner.