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What Are The Precautions Before Reaction Tank

Jul 07, 2017

What are the precautions before Reaction Tank

The Reaction Tank hair oil is very well known to the customers who use it frequently. What should we pay attention to if we just contact the Reaction Tank? Here's a look at the details:

Before hair oil, should check the mechanical respiration valve to be flexible, the Reaction Tank should open the oil and gas pipe valve and the one-way inlet valve in time to prevent the Reaction Tank from sucking up;

Timely inspection and observe the change of liquid level in order to master the oil situation and equipment operation;

When the oil is close to the end, the tank area should cooperate closely to prevent the pump from taking out. The Reaction Tank shall keep a residual amount, usually about 1m from the bottom of the tank.

When the oil is finished, close the valve on the Reaction Tank and the process, do the measurement, fill in the record and the account.

The above mentioned is the detailed introduction, in the New Year, the company will continue to insist on the development of science and progress, to the quality of survival, with the dedication to the user service as the purpose. All kinds of products are good quality, safe and reliable. Our company will work hard to cooperate with domestic and international users, pay attention to the sincerity, mutual benefit, harmonious development, create brilliant tomorrow.

The use of "kill machine" fire protection is the key point.

Enterprise production is the focus of today's society development, the Reaction Tank device is the focus of many enterprises to improve production efficiency, equipment of Reaction Tank in the process of using electrostatic generation reason, small make up a simple summary for you.

Resistivity in 1012 Ω • cm liquid gathered the most prone to electrostatic. Most oil resistivity Ω values greater than 1012 CM, for electrostatic material, it is easy to produce and gather the electrostatic charges, and slow dissipation.

Due to the Reaction Tank earthing resistance is too large (greater than 100 Ω), or eliminate electrostatic device failure, or isolated conductor (such as floating roof) and the Reaction Tank poor contact, it is easy to gather static charges, once the spark discharge form, enough to ignite or detonation of oil steam.

The above is the "danger" of the Reaction Tank. We hope that our customers can understand it easily and provide support for the more successful enterprise production.

The most laudable place double Reaction Tank is it double, this is it appear quickly instead of the most common cause for a single Reaction Tank, double Reaction Tank compared to the single Reaction Tank, we only use two words can say out the "safe", good, double reaction can greatly increase the safety performance, in addition to security, other ways of performance is also greatly increased.

Double Reaction Tank broke through the traditional single steel Reaction Tank skills, choose rule of steel reinforcement glass fiber double layer structure, the internal steel shell with external reinforcement glass fiber layer between common processing ways, between the inner and outer layer smaller Spaces, glass fiber shell can maintain robust internal corrosion of steel shell and not by the outside world, double-layer structure, greatly improving the durability of the goods and extend a long use life.