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What Is The Most Important Choice For Stainless Barrel?

Oct 20, 2017

What is the most important choice for Stainless Barrel?
1, Stainless Barrel Material: Stainless Barrel all use SUS304 material, strong, non-polluting water quality, corrosion-resistant, watertight, easy to clean, light weight, not breeding algae, easy insulation, beautiful, easy construction.
2, the strength of Stainless Barrel quality, because we designed the stainless steel barrel group, the choice of thickness of 0.8mm ~ 3.0mm thickness, such as the thickness of the storage capacity of large quantities of liquid after the arrival of the requirements of strength, causing some people's suspicion Skill materials and design data show that the thickness of the material is thin, but the data with high strength, toughness, good extension of the characteristics, just master the key to manufacturing, design and manufacture of large capacity stainless steel water storage containers understandable, Success.
3, the quality of Stainless Barrels: Stainless Barrels imported stainless steel SUS304 a material, in line with national OCr18Ni19 health inspection standards, no rust, not long moss, no water, permanent clean, safe and stable, life is 15 times the concrete tank And can be applied to cold water, water, boiling water, chemicals, solvents and other storage.
4, stainless steel barrel manufacturers: Stainless Barrel manufacturers are Stainless Barrels in the selection of the most important, good manufacturers of Stainless Barrel of the quality is relatively good, while the service is better, if the tank has any problems, you can directly To the factory consultation, so that we buy a tank is very helpful, Texas Tengjia tank is such a manufacturer, choose Tengjia Stainless Barrel of reliable quality, good after-sales service.
In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, both the family and the construction industry, have chosen stainless steel plate to replace the original water tank. As the stainless steel plate to the water tank with high strength, sealing, cleaning and installation features such as convenience, is currently widely used in roof water storage, high water supply, fire water and other fields.
A good product must have a standard after-sales service and commitment to guarantee. In short, because customers can not be inside every industry, customers in the purchase and installation of modular stainless steel water tank, the best choice of regular manufacturers of products, or it seems cheap, and usually buy fake and shoddy three no products The
Stainless Barrel are more and more popular because of the convenience of installation, and now has become the main choice of site and residents. As the stainless steel barrel is still relatively "delicate", once the use of maintenance methods are not correct, it will produce water tank leakage phenomenon, affecting the service life of the tank.
First, the Stainless Barrel in the installation is completed, with a dedicated kerosene leak test, and then no water leakage, with alkaline water or special disinfectant cleaning tank again, and then rinse with water can be.
Second, strengthen the maintenance of the tank during deactivation. For long-term or temporary suspension of the water tank, the internal water must be removed from the clean, to go through the discharge, cleaning and other technical treatment. Care should be taken to prevent the corners of Stainless Barrel from accumulating corrosive media or impurities.
Third, our Stainless Barrel channel is made of welded steel plate, although the anti-corrosion treatment done early, but for a long time in a dark and humid environment, it is easy to cause the coating off and rust. We have to do on a regular basis to the bottom of the channel corrosion treatment.
Now there are many manufacturers on the market of Stainless Barrel are made of 201 stainless steel, mainly used in solar hot water projects, heat pump hot water projects or fire engineering. This greatly reduces the cost of production, but at least to reduce the tank more than 90 percent of the service life, generally about 1-2 years on a problem, good water quality of the region will not be more than three years, it is recommended not to use.