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What Is The Reason For The Leakage And Rust Of Stainless Steel Tank

Oct 11, 2017

Stainless Steel Tank leakage and rusty reasons? Answer: In fact, this problem has many reasons. You know what the number of manufacturers doing jerry-building, cheat for the activities, perhaps you spend a large cost in exchange for only 201 material, or 304 material, in fact, should really use 3042 / B, more resistant to corrosion 316L, 444 Wait. My specific analysis is as follows:
When using Stainless Steel Tank, do not apply excessive load to piping inlet and outlet. Do not apply the weight of the valve and the large diameter pipe directly to the tank outlet, if necessary, set the pipe support: the expansion of the pipe, shrinkage, vibration must be fitted flexible flexible joints. Silk material, generally contact with the water must use stainless steel, but some silk, the flange is actually iron. As long as the material is not right, it is easy to rust off, undeniable. Also hope that we pay attention, can not seek cheap, no manufacturers are not the pursuit of profit, offer too much too much, then there are problems. But also a very high price, but also to buy bad goods, reported here to sympathy. Really, stainless steel 200 series sheet and 300 series plate is difficult to identify the naked eye. Please also pay attention to a lot of product warranty.
Stamping stainless steel plate welding water tank with stainless steel plate stamping out of the ribs, and welded with stainless steel welded together, simple structure, good strength, can create a larger capacity of the tank. Because the box with stainless steel plate as a whole welding, completely cut off the sun exposure, it will not breed algae. So that water quality is always kept clean. Professional welder on - site argon arc welding. The construction site has a standard power supply.
Cement tank and glass fiber reinforced plastic tanks and so on have been slowly replaced by Stainless Steel Tanks, because the Stainless Steel Tank has a strong corrosion resistance, and there will be no breeding of algae creatures, at any time to ensure the feeling of water quality, so that health has been Guarantee. But if we are in the installation or maintenance of the time do not pay attention, it will cause a lot of trouble, the following we use and maintenance for everyone to be a simple understanding.
We use the Stainless Steel Tank above the top do not stack debris, do not use hard objects on the tank to beat, if there is a problem, then consult the manufacturers, so that maintenance personnel to check the maintenance, of course, maintenance must be water tank clean. Stainless Steel Tank, the best storage of domestic water, although the Stainless Steel Tank corrosion resistance is very good, but can not be stored in the chemical water, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and other highly corrosive liquids, or accidentally unclear People will be hurt.
Stainless Steel Tank into the mouth of the lid do not arbitrarily open, if often open, it is easy to have debris into the regular water tank every year to clean up and disinfection can. There are a lot of attention, waiting for everyone to find and correct, so as to make the life of Stainless Steel Tank longer and longer, to bring more and more convenience to life.
Stainless Steel Tanks are generally chemically treated in the atmosphere with a certain degree of oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. But in some specific conditions will rust, such as the general Stainless Steel Tank if the water is installed, the seawater of the electrolyte on the Stainless Steel Tank there is a certain role in the corrosion. Stainless Steel Tank corrosion mainly in the following: First, the Stainless Steel Tank attached to a large number of dust outside, the dust absorbed in the air after the water will be in the stainless steel surface to form a subtle electrochemical reaction, so that the Stainless Steel Tank outer protective film Be destroyed. Second, the air a lot of sulfide, hydride in the face of condensate after the water tank attached to the Stainless Steel Tank will also cause corrosion of Stainless Steel Tank. Third, some melon or soup sprinkled on a Stainless Steel Tank, the long time to form the organic acid will rust Stainless Steel Tank.