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What Is The Selection Of Raw Materials For Fire Water Tank

Jul 18, 2017

What is the selection of raw materials for fire Water Tank

Two types of fire Water Tank and non-circulating fire Water Tank. It has the advantages of good water quality, clean and pollution-free, high strength and light weight. Today I fire Water Tank factory to introduce the raw material selection of fire Water Tank.

There are many kinds of materials suitable for the Water Tank. The most common materials are steel plate, stainless steel, reinforced concrete, fiberglass and enamels, etc., but they have their advantages and disadvantages.

The steel plate Water Tank welded with carbon steel shall be embalmed, and the anti-corrosion information shall not hinder the cleaning request.

Reinforced concrete site pouring Water Tank, large weight, long construction period, easy to leak in connection with piping, easy to fall when cleaning.

Enamelled steel Water Tank is not affected by water quality pollution, can prevent rusting steel plate, the device is convenient quickly, not bound by the civil progress, reasonable structure, consolidate the beautiful, deformation is not leaking, suitability is wide.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic Water Tank from the architectural space constraints, strong adaptability, light weight, no corrosion, no leakage, appearance beautiful, long using life, heat preservation performance is good, safe and reliable, installation is convenient, clean simple repair.

Stainless steel Water Tank is solidified, not polluted water quality, corrosion resistant, water leakage, clean convenience, light weight, do not breed algae, easy to heat preservation, beautiful, construction convenience, but quotation is high.

First: to see which part of the fire Water Tank is leaking? The main assembly of the water leakage in the fire Water Tank is: the plate, the plate and the plate joint, the four corners and the stop.

1. If the cracks in the plate crack are small, the sealing gel or water can be used to repair the Water Tank. To finish the water, bake, seal the glue or water without leaking into the leaking area. If there is a large crack in the plate, the quality of the plate is clarified.

2, if the plate is leaking at the seams of the plates, it is clear that the glue bar is not clamped or the bolt is not tight, the repair method is to tighten the bolt (at one end).

3, if the four corners and plugging leakage, clarify strip not put away perhaps plugging dislocation direction, repair method is to unload the leak, put some glue again, from the mount.

Four, if it's winter, you have to see won't fire Water Tank leaking due to freezing. Fire Water Tank under the condition of the normal use is not frozen, that is because: the water in Water Tank, you in everyday use, update, and fire Water Tank insulation, every day you add water to the tank, the temperature of the Water Tank is above 25 ` C, as a result of the solar heat pipe hot water you are using, even when you are finished with the water from the tank, the water temperature is higher than that in the cold water to join, but also have the other a situation, that is a long time don't have to, and it's cold climate, Water Tank water is not much, so there may be frozen, this situation is less. But not without it. So, in this case, remind us that the water in the Water Tank in the winter glass steel tank should be replaced frequently to avoid frostbite.

1. When making customized stainless steel cistern for user friends, it is necessary to make the drawings request and scale manufacturing of the equipment customer.

2, fire Water Tank welding end must carefully check, and to experiment with and without oil leakage, Water Tank of brace and stent can not have loose, various welding fittings can not have leakage welding, no missing pieces.

3, fire Water Tank welding seam must be full, tank shell plate must be beautiful, light, welding for appearance beautiful, lubrication, no flash, no porosity, slag inclusion, cracks and welding mouth cannot have bump crack, plate and brace separation, must not have sharp edge cut hand. The tank shall be polished in the tank. Together, all requests should be reached;

4. The bottom plane of the fire tank shall be flat, and the deformation degree shall meet the Water Tank's request.

5, tank top, and must be full welding, manhole manhole should be open in the flank face some on the side, don't drive in the center of the tank, manhole usually have the buckles tied or locking device, so as to avoid attacks kids into things.

6. The welding of the joint of the fire Water Tank must be carefully welded. The interface should be welded well, and must be more than one.